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What is Search Engine optimization & How does it work – SEO

If we want to work in online media, we have to face the word SEO or Search Engine Optimization continually.  Those of us who are working online or trying to grow their business online must understand the importance of Seo or Search Engine Optimization.  So today, I will try to describe to you the details of this SEO.  What is Seo?  Why SEO is important?. How many types of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, how to do seo?   So let’s start with the story today.

What is Search Engine optimization

What is SEO
What is SEO| photo Credit: SEO compettetor|

Rohan is a regular internet user.  One day while Rohan is reading an article, a question came to his mind that, why the first website is not at number ten and why number ten is not at number one.  Then, an issue also came to Rohan’s mind, “What is SEO and how it works.” His cousin is a skilled IT specialist. He thought that he should go to him.

 Rohan: Brother, why a top position website is not the bottom position and a bottom position website is not the top position ?

 IT Specialist:  I’m telling you to sit down.  The reason you are talking about it is because of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Today I will try to give you an idea about what is SEO in digital marketing.  The term digital marketing is now familiar to everyone. Search Engine Optimization is a part of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing & Search engine optimization Inseparably involved with each other. So, we cant eliminate between Search Engine optimization & Digital Marketing.     

 Rohan: What is SEO? 

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 IT Specialist: The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine optimizations.  SEO is a specialized technique or process by which a website is brought to the front page.  The better SEO or Search Engine Optimization of a website, the faster the site will come in the ranking.

Types of Search Engine Optimization  

Rohan: How many types of SEO?

 IT Specialist: Everything has owned different types.  Similarly, SEO has also type. There are three kinds of SEO.  Those are:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

White Hat SEO(search Engine optimization)
White Hat SEO(search Engine optimization)

IT Specialist: Rohan, if someone in front of you were talking about someone wearing a white hat, how would you feel at first sight.  Of course, he is a good person, you think. The same aspect is exact of White Hat SEO. So White Hat SEO is a kind of process that is performed according to the rules of search engines.  White Hat SEO is the process of a website that is brought to the front page according to the search engine policy without any kind of spam.

 Rohan: Yes, I understand. How do we do white hat SEO?

  White Hat SEO technique list

 Rohan: How can we do White Hat SEO?

 IT Specialist: When we go to a site for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we divide the work into two parts.

  • On-Page SEO
  •  Off-Page SEO
 On-Page SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

 By On-Page SEO, we mean that ON Page SEO is what we do inside the website to rank our website.

 Now we need to know how many types of on-page SEO are usually.  This on-page is divided into two parts based on work.

  1. Technical SEO
  1. Page Optimization
 Things to do in on-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  •  Keyword research 
  •  Website Analysis 
  •  Content optimization
  •  Use HTML tags H1-H6
  •  Proper use of titles, descriptions
 Off-Page SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

 Rohan: Once the on-page work is done, do you need to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

 IT Specialist: Suppose you have a product.  You want to sell that product now. Now, only you know what product you have, and no one else knows.  So can you sell it anymore? This is also the case with Off-Page SEO. Simply put, the things that are done to increase the popularity of a web site are called off-page SEO.

 Rohan: Like on-page, off-page also has different categories of work?

 IT Specialist: Yes, Rohan is there.  There are different types of off-page work.  Some of the individual works are:

  •  Web 2.0
  •  Blog Commenting
  •  Forum Posting
  •  Pdf submission
  •  Social Bookmarking
  •  Review Submission
  •  Video Submission
  •  Guest Posting
  •  Article Submission
  •  Directory Submission

Black Hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

 Rohan: Is there any kind of spam outside of these?

 IT Specialist: Yes, Rohan has all the good deeds as well as some evil deeds.  A black hat is a kind of work. Black hat SEO is the work that can be done to rank a website with dust in the eyes of search engines.  There are several types of black hat SEO

  •  Keyword Stuffing
  •  Dowry Page
  •  Invisible Article
  •  Duplicate content
  •  Commercial anchor text
  •  Paid Backlink
  •  Article Spinning
  •  Cloaking
  •  Clickbait
  •  Link Farm
  •  Google Bombing

 Rohan: Google does not understand Black Hat SEO?

 IT Specialist: Yes, Google understands Black Hat SEO.  And when google understands, google punishes the site. Therefore, when you set up a website with so much effort as a result, you get a penalty.  So, of course, we should stop this work.

 Rohan: But now tell me about Gray Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

 IT Specialist: Gray Hat SEO is a type of practice that is neither Black Hat SEO nor White Hat SEO.  The middle kind of SEO is the gray hat. Crime is a type of SEO that works well. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

  •  Expired Domain
  •  Link purchasing
  •  Duplicate content
  •  Social media automation

Why SEO (search engine optimization)  is important

Why SEO is important

Why SEO is so important

Rohan: Why SEO is important & why should we learn search engine optimization?

 IT Specialist: now, you may have understood why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is needed for our business.  Those who sell their products through merchants or online they know the value of SEO or Search Engine Optimization very well.

 Suppose you have a business. There are many good products in your company.  You want everyone to use this good product.  One thing we all know that “publicity is spread.” If you can’t promote your product well, then how can you sell your product?  This requires the quality promotion of your product. I know one thing very well, “Content is fire, but social media is gasoline.

 We give advertisements on television, radio & other social to promote our business.   We spend a lot of money every year just behind this advertisement. But if you hire a digital marketer with a little ingenuity, the cost is much lower.

*If you want to know more you can see the video.

Value Of Marketing 

 You can improve your business through SEO, then people will be attracted,  and they will be interested in buying.  This will increase the number of sales & help to grow your business fast.  There is no large company that can imagine their own business without this step.

 Everyone knows how important marketing is for a successful business.  So every renowned company spends thousands of dollars on this marketing. There is a saying in “Content is a king & marketing (engagement) is his Queen, and the lady rules the house. Now you understand the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. So we should learn this SEO.

 Also, if you create a blog site, then it will need SEO to bring visitors.  If you do not have a business, you can do SEO or Search Engine Optimization of many clients’ websites.

 You can also generate income from your blog site through GOOGLE ADSENSE.  You can also do CPA MARKETING, which is a billion-dollar marketplace.

 Rohan: How to learn SEO?

How  to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization)at home

 Not only in SEO but also every work are required diligence and hard work to learn anything.  If you have a intention to learn SEO, then SEO or Search Engine Optimization must be learned. According to Chanakya’s commentary, “Nothing is impossible for those who work hard.”  Google and Youtube have a lot of resources that provide a lot of information about SEO. Many people on YouTube are teaching SEO step by step.

 If It is possible to learn SEO delightfully by using these resources without falling prey to the advertisements of expensive IT companies, if you try, one day or another, you will be a perfect SEO Expert.

 Rohan: Where will I learn SEO?

 where to learn seo(Search Engine Optimization)for free

You can learn SEO online free step by step from my following websites & resources.  There are many places where you can do this search engine optimization tutorial for free without spending money.  E.g.

  •  Google Webmaster Central Blog
  •  Search Engine Journal
  •  The Maj Blog
  •  The SEM Post
  •  SEO Theory
  •  State of Digital

 It also teaches good SEO on various YouTube channels.  E.g.

 Rohan: I know that i need a lot of paid software to do these things.  No free software for startups?

 IT Specialist: Yes, Rohan, of course, there is.  There are many tools that you can use for free. E.g.

  • keyword Research Tools 

 Uber suggests

The Hoth

Google Trends

  • Tools for  snippets

 Answer  the Public

  • Backlink Checker’s Tools:

 The Hoth

 Backlink Shitter

  • Web Site Optimization Tools:

 GT matrix

  •  Audit tools

 Scramming Frog

  •  Penalty hit checker

 Penalty indicator

  •  Tools for checking the grammar of content


  •  Tools for checking duplicate content

 Small SEO tools

Many useful tools can be used for free.

How long does it take to learn seo(Search Engine Optimization)

How much time do i need learn SEO

 Rohan: How long will it take to learn SEO

 IT Specialist: Look, Rohan, there is saying,   “there is no end to learning”. If someone says that it is possible to learn this in 1 month, then it is wrong.  The more you study this subject, the better you will learn. But yes! If you keep practicing every day with attention, you will get a good idea within three months.

 Of course, if you do not fall prey to the advertisements of big IT companies, you can learn something good by sitting at home and trying regularly.

 Rohan: What it takes to learn SEO

 IT Specialist: Wifi connection to a computer.  The most important thing is patience and interest in work.  Without patience, this work will not be successful, and you will not be able to earn income through SEO.

 Rohan: How do I earn an SEO?

How do I earn an Search engine optimization ?


  1. Google AdSense: When you learn how to rank a site, you create a website for yourself.  Publish content there regularly according to your niche. Keep writing about the subject you know best.  After optimizing the content and site SEO in a good way, apply to AdSense when the good visitors start expecting.  Good income will come as soon as good visitors start planning. A good website can generate more than 1,000. Many people earn money by doing SEO and have a career in Seo. Google values ​​content.  So, if you can give good content and optimize SEO well, you will get a good income.

*You can follow him video, if you are really want earn money from google adsence.

  1. Agencies: Online Base, many business agencies need digital marketers.  You can promote the brand on their behalf. It is possible to earn a good amount every month.  Learning the work of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it is possible to work efficiently in agencies and build a career in Seo.  In addition to offline, work can be done by many companies in foreign countries. In this way, income is possible by sitting at home without running after a job in the country.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: You’ve probably heard about e-commerce business .  You have listened to many more e-commerce business , including e-Valley, Daraj within Bangladesh.  There are also big e-commerce companies, including Amazon, Ali Baba. These e-commerce companies give opportunity  to the affiliates.  If you want, you can earn a good amount of income by creating an account and doing affiliate marketing with them. A successful affiliate marketer can quickly build a career in Seo as well. At present, many people are doing affiliate marketing, and they are earning a good amount of income.  Without advertising, you can make a good profit by selling their products in the right way with SEO.

*If you thinking about affiliate marketing, then you can follow him.

In Freelancing marketplace

  • Freelancing Marketplace: In addition to Upwork, Fiverr, freelancers, you can earn income by working per hour in many such places.  At present, everyone is moving towards this passive income. For this, everyone has risen and fallen to make a career in Seo. So why don’t you  So it is possible to earn income through SEO through these marketplaces.
  • SEO software: Semrush, Ahref, UberSuggest are the biggest Software company which provides SEO service to people. If you create SEO software you can earn from it.  Those who will learn SEO will do SEO Research with the software you have created.  And you too can earn income through SEO Becoming a good entrepreneur can continue in society. 

As a Motivational Speaker 

    6.SPEAKER: You can host seminars when you become a competent expert.  There will be a charge for each seat. As a result,  You can make a good income there too.  

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